Frequently Asked Questions
Can your application find the names and titles of the related company?+
Yes, Hustler Engine find the names and the titles that you want to find. Based on how popular the company is.
How up to date are the datas about generated companies?+
The datas related to companies are updated every month.
Can we accidentally email to the same company twice?+
No. Regardless of who in your company generates leads and sends, no one in your company will ever generate them again. So you will not be sending them twice.
Can we check the emails before sending?+
Yes. You can check every email that has been written from our AI.
Can we get information regarding the employee on the selected company?+
No but yes. We can only get the title of the found employee of the found company.
How are you collecting our data?+
We are not collecting any data from your company. Everything except the connected brands (to prevent sending twice) are stored on your machine.
Is there any limit regarding to generation?+
Yes but No. There is theoritically a limit when generating brands which is 56 million.
Can we send emails to a company without their consent?+
Yes, legally you can send promotional emails if its your first time sending them. Make sure you are providing an unsubscribe link.
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